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My Summer Holidays

Most people like to leave their places on holidays. Some prefer a quite rest in the country or at their dachas. Others go to the seaside and enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the golden beaches of the South. A lot of people are crazy about travelling and feel great visiting new places, getting more impressions and knowledge about them.

As for me, I prefer going to the country on holidays. Almost every summer I visit my grandparents there. This summer was not an exception. In June I stayed in the country for about a month. There I enjoyed fresh air, pleasant views of the surrounding nature. I helped my grandma and grandpa about home and in the garden. I watered plants and weeded the garden, mowed the long grass.

Besides my grandparents, I have some friends in the country. This summer we went fishing and camping together. It was fun to play ball on the grass! Also we liked lying in the sun and bathing in the river. In the evening we went boating on the lake. We went to the forest and gathered raspberries. It was a real pleasure to stay out of town!

In July I went abroad, namely, to Finland with my parents and a little sister. We were touring by car around the country, so we could see a lot of new places. I had a good time in this country!

In August I stayed in the town reading books, playing football with my friends and preparing for school.
So, I spent my holidays very well and had a good rest!


My future profession

It goes without saying that all pupils should choose their future professions before leaving school and it is very important to them to do it in the proper way. But for it you wouldn’t enjoy your life in future. But choosing your future profession is not a simple matter and doing it you should take into account three main things: your abilities, your desire and the needs of our society.

Of course, school helps you to discover your special talents and forms your character. It encourages boys and girls to make serious choices of their future occupations. But not only school influences our choice.

Needless to say that parents and relatives can give us practical advice which is very helpful and valuable. But sometimes they insist that we should follow the traditions of the family, and the desire of our parents doesn’t occasionally coincide with ours.

There are a lot of professions to be chosen. Tasted differ and as for me I have decided to become a teacher of English.

It is no secret that at present knowledge of foreign languages is not desirable but necessary… The importance of speaking foreign languages increases year after year. People who can speak and write in foreign languages are waited everywhere, and I wish my future career were connected with the English language.

I also believe that every teacher should have a remarkable talent of understanding pupils. The brain of a teacher should be armed with unbelievable store of knowledge of the subject. A good teacher should know how to gain the pupils’ confidence, should share with them joys and sorrows, and should be able to develop their talents and independent thinking.




Romeo and Juliet of today.

     This case should never have come to trial. This case is as simple as black and white. One can come across such situations everyday of his life. Today, there are no rigid and strong barriers which don’t                                 allow young people to make a family. It is a possible thing, be he any colour of the rainbow, be he a muslim or a Christian, rich or on the contrary, poor; no matter how fine a family he or she comes from. Love is beyond everything.

     The situation, which I’m going to describe, is one of them. As it was mentioned, this case should never have come to the higher institutions. As you see, today, Meriam is on the place of defendant, but she could have been at home with her family: with daughter and beloved husband Dima. But destiny decided to try her. In order to make this situation clear let me describe it in short.

     Meriam comes from very religious muslim family. Her father is very religious man, so the girl was brought up in a religious way. She was allowed everything, she had everything she wanted: and beautiful clothes, and jewelery, and many other things. At the year of her majority she happened to meet young fellow, Dima by name. He was Russian. It happened so, that young people felt in love with each other. Everything was O’K until Meriam’s parents didn’t find out their relationship. It was as a thunderstorm on a fine weather.

     What did her father do? We don’t know exactly, but he did what any respectable religious man would do under the circumstances-he said “No” and forbade them to meet again, because she was a muslim girl, and he is Russian. Several months passed: they could not forget each other. And one day Dima made up his mind to ask Meriam to go with him and live together.

     Meriam was happy to hear it and they began to live together. Meriam’s parents gave up her and their relationship was broken. Dima’s parents, on the contrary, liked her very much and considered Meriam to be their daughter. It was love that motivated her. She has committed no crime; she has merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of muslim people. She was the victim of love. She knew full well the enormity of her behavior, but because her desires were stronger than the code she was breaking, she persisted in breaking it. She did something that in their religion is unspeakable: she married a Christian man.

     Life went on and after a year Meriam bore a child-a girl. These were the happiest days in the life of the family. Everything was all right until there came a day to give the baby a name. There appeared a lot of problems connected with name, with religion. Dima wanted to name his daughter Kate, but Meriam, being a Muslim girl, didn’t want to name her baby in a Russian way. There were a lot of scandals, quarrels, but in spite of everything, they couldn’t come to a definite conclusion. At last, Meriam couldn’t stand it any more and run away taking her baby and not saying anything to her family.

     In this place it should be mentioned that Dima’s mother was a judge in city court. Dima was the only child in the family, so his parents wanted to bring their granddaughter back. They found Meriam and asked her to come to the court.

     Today is the hearing of this case. Meriam was allowed to have a court-appointed defence. A court appointed Mr. Jefferson, an experienced lawyer and very clever man, to defend Meriam. From the fist minutes, the lawyer was sure that he would win. Everything is solves not only by the judge, it is the jury who decide. The lawyer took the floor and he was speaking for a long time for the benefit of the defence. Let me give a short passage from his speech to the jury.

     “Gentlemen,  jury and a respected judge. Today, we came to this room, in order to make clear the guilt of this young woman, who is charged with kidnapping. She was indicted by the father of the child, i.e. by husband and is now on trial for her life”.

     “Gentlemen, I’ll be brief, but I would like to use my remaining time with you to remind you that this case is not a difficult one as it seems to be. It could have been solved between wife and husband. But, unfortunately, in our society there is a tendency to think that people from higher institutions can do everything with all men they want. This case can server as an example to my words. Everything could have been settled, it only needed time. As they say, young people may guerilla and come to one conclusion.”

     “But gentlemen, I’m here to defend my defendant. As far as I’m able to judge I think that it was her religious upbringing that leads Meriam, because she was a muslim girl. She wanted to keep the traditions of her nation, name the baby as muslim women. She wanted her to know tatar as well as she does. She wanted her baby to be proud of the traditions and the religion of Muslims. She didn’t want her to be ashamed of saying “I’m tatar.” I think, that Meriam did everything from positive motives.”

     “Respected jury, please, weigh all “for” and “against” and make a right verdict. I’m confident that you, gentlemen, will review without passion the evidence you’ve heard, come to a decision and restore this woman to her daughter. In the name of God, do your duty. Today this woman is on your hands and not only she, but her baby too. Their future destiny depends on your decision”.

     “Of course, I agree that people are not equal. I mean not equal in their position in the society. We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe. Some people are smarter that the others, some have more opportunity because they are born with it, some men make more money than others; some ladies make better cakes than other ones. But there is one way in the world in which all men are created equal- there is one human institution that makes a beggar the equal of a businessman, the stupid man the equal of the clever one. This place, gentlemen, is a court. In our courts all men are created equal. Don’t forget it!”

     The lawyer finished his speech and it seemed to everybody to be the best speech of the barrister.

     The jury went to make its verdict. There were tears in the eyes of some members of the jury. After 20 minutes the court began its work. The foreman handed a piece of paper to the judge. All people looked forward to hear the main words. And everyman was happy to hear “Not guilty…Meriam is not guilty”.

     Meriam couldn’t believe her ears, her heart was not beating in its usual way. She is not guilty. She is acquitted. She couldn’t help crying.

     Here her beloved daughter. Parents met her at the court’s doors and invited her to come home and live together as earlier. They forgave her.

     During the court, Meriam has thought a lot about her destiny. Yes, they loved each other very much, they had thoughts concerning their future, but everything came to its end. Why did it happen so? Where was their mistake? May be it was their youth who was to blame. When she run away with Dima, she even couldn’t imagine what king of problems and difficulties would wait her in such mixed marriage. But now, everything is in the past. Let her lead a quite and happy life. As they say “All men are able to error. The man who makes no mistakes doesn’t usually make anything.” This case should be the lesson for the other girls. Before doing something they should think deeply, look through all for and against and only then make serious decisions, because a mixed marriage is not like a usual marriage. It has its own faults and merits. It is not use to hurry, as Heraclitus said “One can’t come into the same water twice.” We live only once, let’s make our life worthy.      





Elementary Language Practice

Grammar Progress Test 1a (Units 1–13)

1       Change the sentences into negatives sentences or questions.

0       It’s Thursday today. (question) Is it Thursday today?

1       She is at home. (negative) ___________________________________________

2       Anna is hungry. (question) __________________________________________

3       This answer is wrong. (negative) _____________________________________

4       Your sister works in the morning. (question) ____________________________

5       Katy likes tennis. (negative) _________________________________________

6       They watch T.V. in the afternoon. (negative) ____________________________

7       They eat vegetables. (question) _______________________________________

8       Mehmet drinks coffee. (question) _____________________________________

9       We play basketball at the weekend. (negative) ___________________________

10     George wants to go to the cinema. (question) ____________________________

2       Underline the correct word in each sentence.

0       Alice goes/go to school by bus.

1       They is/are in the living-room.

2       Harry and Peter works/work in Manchester.

3       My uncle sings/sing in a rock group.

4       Joe don’t/doesn’t like chocolate.

5       Peteris/am Australian.

6       I have/has a new CD.

7       My cat is/are thirsty.

8       Jane get up/gets up at 7 o’clock.

9       The children often play/plays in the park.

10     It rains/rain a lot in Dublin.


3       Read the paragraph. Choose the best word for each space.


My name (0)   David Jackson. I (1) ______ in an office in the city. I (2) ______ work at 9.00 and usually (3) ______ at 4.30. I sometimes (4) ______ lunch with my friend, Karen. She works in the same office as me. We always (5) ______ to the same café. I (6) ______ a sandwich and Karen (7) ______ hamburger. We both (8) ______ coffee with our lunch. After lunch Karen and I often (9) ______ for a walk in the park, but we always (10) ______ back at the office by 2.00.


0       A are            is               am

1       A work         B working    C works

2       A starts        B start          C started

3       A finishes     B finishes     C finish

4       A eats           B eaten         C eat

5       A goes          go             C gone

6       A has            B having       C have

7       A has            B having       C have

8       drinks       drink         drinking

9       going        go             C goed

10     arrive        arrives       C arrived

4       Change the verbs in brackets into the present continuous.

0       It (rain) is raining today.

1       I (read) ________________ a very good magazine at the moment.

2       Joe and Ron (play) ________________ football.

3       The police officer (talk) ________________ to us.

4       I (make) ________________ a cup of coffee.

5       The train (arrive) ________________ .

6       Bob (come) ________________ to school early today.

7       We (study) ________________ for our tests.

8       Lots of people (listen) ________________ the radio at the moment.

9       You (stand) ________________ on my foot!

10     Hurry up! The bus (leave) ________________ .




5       Change the verbs in brackets into the past simple.

0       I (finish) finished my exams last week.

1       Yesterday, Simon (walk) ________________ to the supermarket.

2       The plane (arrive) ________________ on time.

3       We (play) ________________ tennis for two hours.

4       A bird (fly) ________________ into the window.

5       It (begin) ________________ to snow.

6       My family (go) ________________ to Spain for a holiday.

7       Clare (bring) ________________ her new book to school.

8       The children (wear) ________________ their best clothes.

9       I (have) ________________ to talk to the teacher after school.

10     Graham was ill so he (stay) ________________ at home all day.

6       Underline the correct word in each sentence.

0       Do/Did/Don’t Sue want to go shopping?

1       The shop do/didn’t/don’t open at 9.30.

2       I does/didn’t/don’t answer the question.

3       Do/Did/Don’t you see him yesterday?

4       Does/Did/Don’t they come to the disco?

5       He do/didn’t/don’t wash the clothes.

6       Do/Did/Don’t your Mother cook your lunch?

7       My dog do/didn’t/don’t do it!

8       I do/doesn’t/didn’t go to the cinema.

9       I doesn’t/do/didn’t hear you.

10     Does/Did/Doesn’t you go to bed early?



 3 сыныптан   бастап  қытай, араб, ағылшын тілдері оқытылады..

Негізгі мақсаты:   оқушыларға көптілділікте білім беру.

Халықаралық достықты нығайту,оқушылардың білім деңгейін ,қаблетін артыру, шетел халықтарының экономикасын,мәдениетін, әдебиетін,салт-дәстүрін танып білу, жастарды жан-жақтылыққа тәрбиелеу, Қаіақстандағы жетістіктерді басқа елдерге паш ету.


Араб тілінің басты мақсаты оқушыларды  жазып-оқып үйрету, ауызша сөйлеу, оқушыларды араб тілінде қарым-қатынас жасай алу біліктілігін дамыту.





Plan of the lesson

Grade: 4


Theme: Animals


-          To develop the students’ interests in the subject of English. To develop pupil’s logical thinking, memory, reading, writing and listening skills.

-         To revise Present simple tense: positive, negative and question forms.

-         To develop communicative skills and abilities, to cultivate the feelings of love and responsibility to each other.

-         To teach pupils to love and care of our nature and animals.

Visual aids: active board, pictures of animals, cards.

Type of the lesson: Revision lesson (Present simple tense)

Organization moment.

Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls. I am glad to see you. Sit down.

Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What is the weather like? Who is absent?

Today we shall have a very interesting competition. I hope you are ready to show your knowledge and abilities. So, let’s begin. But I want you to guess the theme of our lesson today. I’ll give you the description of different objects and you’ll write down the first letters of it and find out the theme of our lesson.


A – the first letter of the alphabet
N – the number that goes before ten
I – delicious cold dessert that we like in summer
M – Small grey creature that likes cheese
A – round in different colours and tasty
L –  fruit that we put in the cup of tea
S –  in the morning we see it in the sky


Teacher: Now, tell me what is the theme of our lesson today?

Students: Animals.


The main part.

At first class are divided into 4 groups.

PRESENTATION. Four teams introduce theirselves. Name of teams must be names of animals. Then they draw a picture of this animal and tell about it.

Hello! We are… They are … They live…They can… They cannot… They like… We wish you good luck!

1st round: Do you know animals?

Children name animals as many as they know in chain. The team which names more words wins.

2nd round: Guess the animal.

There are some letters in the card. Pupils must make names of the animals. The fastest team will win.


Card 1                                 Card 2                           Card 3

  1. naske (snake)            wco (cow)                     oxf (fox)
  2. torpar (parrot)           kcud (duck)                   oatg (goat)
  3. kyomen (monkey)     danap (panda)               diccrooel (crocodile)
  4. feragif (giraffe)         tac (cat)                         lehpenta (elephant)
  5. reba (bear)                 gdo (dog)                      ihsf (fish)
  6. gofr (frog)                  iphop (hippo)               rokonaag (kangaroo)
  7. noli (lion)                   tabirb (rabbit)               zreba (zebra)


3rd round: Riddles

Pupils guess the riddles.

-It is a domestic animal. It likes fish and rat. (A cat)

-It is a wild animal. It likes bananas. (A monkey)

-It is a very big and grey animal. (An elephant)

-It is a domestic animal. It gives us milk. (A cow)

- I am red and I have fine tail, I live in the forest, I like meat. (A fox)

- I am green I can swim. I cannot jump. I like meat and fish. (A crocodile)

- I live in the river. I am not a fish. I am green. What am I? (A frog)

-This animal lives at home or in the street. It is a man’s friend. (A dog)

4th round: Funny artists.

One  child from each team come to the board, listen to teacher’s commands (draw a head, a tail, legs…) and draw a picture of an animal with closed eyes. Team whose picture is better wins.

5th round: Who is the most attentive?

Children stand and clap their hands 1 time when teacher name domestic animal, 2 times if wild animals. Who will wrong will go out of the game. The team which has more children wins.

(A monkey, a lion ,a cow ,a tiger ,a cat ,a horse, an elephant, a goat, a dog, a crocodile, a hippo, a frog,  a giraffe, a parrot ,a rabbit)

Home task: (Project work) To draw a picture of one animal and write about it.

Conclusion (giving marks): Good work. I see you have done you best. Let’s see the results. Our winner is the second group. Our best congratulation!